Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Beef, Bean and Barley

After Bento Night I made some stock with all the leftover veggies and ham. I actually gave half the leftovers away before I made the stock. I bought WAY too many veggies for that night. I guess it is possible to over estimate people's willingness to eat their veggies.

So last night my mind took off on the possibilities of using some of that stock. I made about 7 dozen cubes.

One down six to go.

Onion, garlic, beans, beef, tomato paste, water, barley, rosemary, chipotle, cumin, black and red, sea salt. Seven hours in the crockpot, serve on mashed potatoes and bang. Good dinner. My husband had three servings. I ate the one. For me it was missing some bright crunch of corn or something. Not that it was bad, just not as on the money as I would have liked.

I'll get it right next time. I have six more tries.

Bang on, my peeps.



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