Friday, August 5, 2011 Healthy Dinner for Women Over 30

I have a friend in the Exercise Science program at NCC. I've been e-mailing her questions about my exercise routine. One question was about breathing and the other about running. I gave myself a good case of bursitis trying to run - turns out I was doing it wrong. Nothing like learning how to run at 38. Actually, let's call it jogging.


She invited me to her house for a healthy dinner with a bunch of women over 30 - there'd be a speaker who'd talk about fitness and nutrition - and I thought, "why the F not?"

So I went.

It took me a while to find the house, but as I pulled up I realized this would be no Heavy Metal Sex in the City Broads night. Her front drive was filled with late model SUV's, not a Pink Missile sticker to be seen. But, have no fear, I went on in, happy to see my friend Lisa for the first time in a year and I met the speaker Laura. She was, of course, healthy and fit and well put together. Actually, that described most of the room. I was sorry I'd chosen jeans, as most of the women were wearing dresses - sundresses, I guess. Gosh, when am I gonna get a gay man to help me dress?

There was lots of information piled about regarding Laura's Boot Camp - an exercise regimen that most of the women were participating in. You could tell looking around the room that these women worked out - they looked great. One woman remarked that she's gone from a size six to a zero. Funny, because I've done just the opposite (actually two to six. My Hungarian breeding hips would never allow me to be a size zero).

We all sat down to a BEAUTIFUL dinner that my friend Lisa made - I should have taken pictures. Roast pork loin with grilled nectarines, spinach and feta, fresh fruit, whole grain bread, tuna and chick pea salad. The food was good and healthy - not a piece of chocolate covered bacon in sight.

The conversation turned to healthy eating and fitness - Laura, the speaker, organically turned the conversation to the benefits of clean eating. Now, I don't think I ever heard the term "clean eating" - but I know I did it, back when I was a buck-o-five. Oh, I wasn't perfect - I've always had a sweet tooth - but I used to be happy to call a bowl of fruit, yogurt and cereal a meal. That's healthy. Breakfast pizza with homemade tater tots, pork belly and organic eggs...? Not so much.

One woman shared her story of beating depression with exercise. That impressed me. She said she was on 400 mg of Welbutrin for 10 years and Boot Camp helped her lose it. I've been on 150 mg for over two years. Don't get me wrong, it's changed my life for the better, but I wonder if someday in the future I'd be able to give it up and replace it with fitness.

The same woman told us how her husband beat type 2 Diabetes with healthy eating and Boot Camp. Another powerful realization about how we treat our bodies and what they tell us. If we'd only listen more often.

I'm not listening to my body like I used to. Part of the problem is this layer of fat around my middle makes it hard to hear. The other part is my taste buds! Oh, have they been awakened to the joys of food - now I have a sweet tooth, a fat tooth, a cheese tooth, a pork get the picture.

It was a great evening - I hope they'll be doing it again because I'd like to bring some of my peeps. I got a lot of great information and inspiration to stay healthy and keep at it, both eating healthy and staying fit.

If you are interested in Boot Camp you can contact Laura Boniello-Krout at or 203-604-9909. Or visit the website.

Lisa also has a blog called A Healthy You - please check it out, lots of great information.

And, while I'm at it, I have to give a plug to the hot Haitian Personal Trainer Eddy St Juste. Great guy and good person in Stamford - if you want one-on-one personal training he's your man. And a great gal and good person Heather who has a healthy and gluten free Facebook page.

I think that covers it, it's time to take my Welbutrin. Yoga later. Cantaloupe and watermelon from Gazy Brothers Farm. I'm on a roll. A hard roll with bacon, egg and cheese... Just kidding... Maybe.



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