Sunday, August 29, 2010 How to Make Cake Balls on Pretzel Sticks

The "Have Your Cake and Stick It, Too's" were a hit at the clambake. One guy was nice enough to try all of the desserts (making sure they were good for the rest of us) and he loudly warned everyone that my dessert was "no good" as he inhaled the Cake Ball in record time, quickly leaving himself with stubby remnants of pretzel rod.

That, my friends, is success.

This, my friends, is how I made them.

I made a box of Devil's Food in cupcake form and set aside 4 cupcakes for "later."
Let them cool and then break them all up into crumbs in a large bowl. Then add a container of icing. I used white icing (and saved the sprinkles that came with it for "later") Mix icing and crumbs together with a spatula until well combined. Because it's summer and still quite warm I chilled the "dough" while I prepared my cookie sheets. Clear some space in the fridge and/or freezer and line cookie sheets with parchment paper. After a good chilling take out the "dough" and, using an ice cream scoop, scoop out a portion of "dough" and place it in your left hand (unless you're a lefty, then switch). Then, carefully, with your right hand, place the end of the pretzel rod on the highest and thickest point of the scoop (where the nipple would be if it was a boob) and press the pretzel into the "dough" while closing your left hand around the dough. The "dough" should be completely wrapped around the top of the pretzel. If there is a "crack" where the dough was pushed together smooth it with your finger. Place on the cookie sheet "seam side up" - you can fit about 6 or 7 on each sheet. Chill again.

Here's the "tricky part" - I'll leave out the part where I wasted an entire bag of white chocolate chips because they didn't want to melt and I sent my husband out to the store to buy more and he came home with both white and chocolate chips and I tried again with the white ones and they still wouldn't melt and I swore and swore and swore and then finally decided it wasn't worth it and used the milk chocolate chips.

Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler (if you have one) or in small batches in the microwave like I did. Carefully, holding the pretzel as close to the cake ball as possible to prevent breakage, spoon melted chocolate over the cake ball and then smooth out with a spatula taking off as much excess chocolate off "the bottom" as possible. This will prevent pooling and chocolate "feet." Place them back on the cookie sheet

The fun part is the "finish." I finished some with the sprinkles, some with green sugar, some with Heath bits, some with mint cookie crumbs, some with sea salt and some with black and red pepper! That was my favorite!!!

Chill each tray as you finish them. When they were done I put them cake ball down, in a gallon ziplock, five in each bag. I made 20. The bags stood up in a small box which I kept on ice. Not the easiest dessert to transport. But they make a great impression so they're worth the work.

Any questions? Ask away!!!



Anonymous said...

I "loved" them whem I first "had" them at your "house". Cannot "wait" to try "them" again!

Lisa Rae said...

I am proud to be the "Have Your Cake and Stick It, Too's" namer!!! But...I still want some mailed to me... :)P

Headbanging Hostess said...

"Awesome" "Anonymous" - "LOL"

I don't think they'd survive in the mail, Lisa. Maybe when it's a litle cooler - at least the chocolate wouldn't "melt"

he he he

Michele said...

BTW, you don't need a double boiler - do what my Mom taught me, put some water in one pot and place the chocolate in another pot, bring water to boil in lower pot and melt chocolate while holding other pot above it. (Although, maybe the microwave is quicker).

ALSO, I think this is a great idea - I have yet to make cake balls, but have another friend that does some extremely creative things with them and I don't think she has combined the sweet and salty.

Headbanging Hostess said...

Ooh! I'd love to know what she does with them!

It's pretty pliable - you can mold it like clay. If she has pictures and would like to share tell her to post them on the HBH wall.

Michele said...

I told her, so we'll see if you get info from her or not. :)

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