Friday, August 12, 2011 The Big Bash Busts

Yesterday was our big bash at the beach - I invited over 40 people - we got 8, plus my husband and me. Ten people - with food for 20 plus.

I'm gonna be eating burgers and dogs for a long ass time.

Those of us who were there had a good time, but I am disappointed in the response. As it usually goes some people RSVP and some don't and still show - so we were counting on that when we bought the food. Calls on Facebook for people to show went unanswered.

Pasta salad, potato salad, quickles - I'm afraid I'll be sick of them all by tomorrow.

Just the effort to bring it all down to the beach was overwhelming - my husband is hobbling around as I type.

And I don't want it all to sound like sour grapes, but it kinda is, and it's all playing into a major decision. I know I've cut back on the dinner parties recently, because of the heat, because my bunny is getting old and we don't want him to end up under any one's foot, because people don't show when they say they will and do show when they don't. I'm sure it's not an intentional lack of respect, but the end result is the same - I'm left with too much food, not enough guests and a little pissed off and let down.

So, no more of that!

From now on dinners will be limited to 4 invites. With Dave and I that makes 6 of us in the house, plus the aged bunny. Let's see if that does anything to restore my sanity.

And I'm wondering if Headbanging Hostess nights at the Piedmont are even worth pursuing. If I can't get people to the beach for free food how am I gonna get them to pay for it.

Not a good feeling.

I'm not trying to be a downer, just a realist. Maybe I've seen my headbanging hay day and from now on it's all downhill. I'll keep an open mind and not try to judge it all from one party - but I'm very aware that you can't get BBQ sauce from a stone. Things change, and that's okay, I just need to keep up with the changes and learn to love them, whatever they may be.

I still have some great music to cook to, so I'll be continuing with the videos, they'll just be few and far between.

On an up-note I'll be teaching dinner party classes for Trumbull and Ridgefield adult education in October - more details to follow. The class is called Dinner Parties Made Easy and is focused on menu planning - obviously not guest-getting because I'm apparently lacking in that department.

Yeah, I'm bummin', can you tell?

I'll also be teaching a Ten-Minute Playwriting class in Ridgefield. Catalogues will be mailed at the end of August and information will also be available on-line.

I'm going to try to make this a good day, so off I go.


PS - Would you go to a Headbanging Hostess night at the Piedmont or another club? 15-20 bucks for food and some entertainment? Please let me know in the comments below.


Becca's Dirt said...

Good morning. TGIF. You sound so down. Think of another way of getting people to come. Ya gotta be creative. Don't give up. You already know you cook good food. Where there's a will there's a way.

I've been thinking I would love to go to culinary school. I checked on the classes here and all they offer for the evening is 5:30-10:30 5 nights a week. Sounds like a lot for a person who already works a 40 hr week. I have a dog too and that's too much away - not to mention I live 40 miles from the school. I'm thinking of what else I can do. I actually have a career in accounting and can't give that up. I just love to cook and want to hone in on some things. Anyway sorry to bore you. Did you go to culinary school. Are a professional. I'm a Food Network, Masterchef and Hells Kitchen junkie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate this blogger - it won't let me comment!

Thanks for the support, Becca. I think I need to cut back on the frequency or something, people are taking the parites for granted or something. We spend a lot of time and money on these parties and it's sad to see our efforts go unrewarded - we just was to see our friends enjoying themselves.

I did go to culinary school at a local community college - I have a certificate in Culinary Arts. But even still I'm mostly self-taught. Chech with the continuing ed programs in your area - or ask a local chef to hold workshops in the restaurant - chefs love to be the center of attention!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "bust." :/ Dionysus enjoyed it, if that helps at all! Wish we could have been there early enough to play some frisbee, lol. Thanks for having us! -- Jessie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming! I'm glad you guys came :) And Elysa is glad because she had a tray of rice krispy treats on her doorstep this morning. And Rob tried to play frisbee in our parking lot :)

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