Monday, September 26, 2011 Enjoying the Garden and its Bounty

For some reason this year most of my herbs didn't make it. I have basil, thank goodness, so I made a fantastic pesto using my rainbow tomatoes from the garden, some toasted almonds and both my green and purple basil. The result was super flavorful spread on a pizza and topped with sauteed mushrooms and sliced baby eggplants.

I'm very happy with my rainbow cherry tomato plants. I started them from seed in May right in my bedroom and now they're over 6 feet tall. I have them tied up to the plastic netting the squirrels forced me to install, so I sometimes have to thread the tomato blossoms back towards me or the tomatoes will develop beyond my reach. I can just see me with my husband down in the parking lot trying to catch tiny tomatoes as they ripen. I can't say we could LIVE on the amount of tomatoes I've grown, but we've topped many a hot dog with tomato and basil from the garden. And that is quite tasty!

The peppers are growing like wildfire now. The first few had blossom end rot, but I added some Epsom salt to the soil and it seemed to do the trick. Right now I have over a dozen out there on my four plants that I also started from seed in May.

I'm already planning next years garden. I'm getting rid of most of the buckets and I'm going to try growing in reusable shopping bags. I'm hoping that'll free up some room out there for seating. It's pretty tight out there now with all the plants and the grill and that iron lamb my neighbor gave me... Don't ask.

How's your garden doing?



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