Wednesday, September 14, 2011 It's That Time of Year Again (Again)

I'm sure I've used that title before, but who cares? The bottom line is it's time to get your ass to the Farmers Market. Berries in every color, beets, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes (the tomatoes in the picture are a product of my garden, I'm so proud), apples, peaches, plums, get my drift.

Darien Farmers Market is 11-6 on Wednesdays in the Mechanic Street parking lot behind the firehouse on the Post Road. That's my usual market.

High Ridge Shopping Center has a Farmers Market on both Wednesdays and Sundays 10-4. I hadn't been there yet this season until today, they have a handful of vendors but I dislike the parking lot location. Now that Borders is gone maybe they can move to market to their lot. I know I'm a bit of a worry wart when it comes to customer safety, but as it is inches and luck are the only things seperating the moving vehicles from the people shopping. I'm just one day I'll be able to link back to this and say "I told you so!"

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center has a Farmers Market from 10-2 on Fridays. I have never been but I've heard good things. Admission to the market is free, but it's 10 bucks if you want to visit the nature center. A little steep if you ask me, but it's a very nice place with a farm and trails for hiking. My husband and I went with a picnic lunch recently and really enjoyed it. If you should happen to take a city bus up there you get into the place for free - not that I'm advocating parking at the A&P and hopping a ride for the last few blocks. But, like I said, admission to the market is free. And now that I've throughly confused you...

I have chicken marinating in Amaretto in the fridge. I'm working on a food piece for next month's Alternative Control. Almond Joy Chicken, in honor of Halloween... we'll see how it turns out.



Natalie said...

Those raspberries look orange! Are they orange? We have golden (and red) at our market now. Soooooo yummy. Blueberries are still my fav though. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yes they are! They're pretty tasty, mild :)

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