Monday, April 25, 2011 Ay Salsa, I Like It

Arepas - Colombian style corn cake with fresh corn and mozzarella. Mine was topped with roasted portabella mushrooms. You see that one dangling off on the left? I ate that one first. It was surprisingly smoky, I wondered where that was coming from for a brief moment and then the spicy heat kicked in. Not too much, it wasn't overpowering, especially when enjoyed with the corn cake and rice, but it was just enough to make these mushrooms stand out in a way that no other mushroom has in my mouth.

Not that it was standing out of my mouth. I ate it right up.

The chunks of corn and strings of melted cheese in the arepa brought it to a level not previously experienced. I've only had them once before in a restaurant, the others I've had have been store bought. But Ay Salsa made these with definite love.

I had a horchata to wash it down. The traditional Mexican rice drink was sweet as can be and yet light and refreshing. Almost like melted ice cream in flavor but little more than water in mouth feel, I could drink it all day if someone would only pronounce it calorie free.

I went with my class and everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Apparently the locals are very protective of this particular eatery because they were giving the twelve of us the dirtiest looks for taking up the entire back dining room.

I understand why. It's was DDelicious!


Ay Salsa is located at 25 High Street in New Haven, CT 203.752.0517


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