Thursday, April 28, 2011 Trying to Eat Healthy

Some of you may remember that I proudly announced I'd lost 10 pounds in the Vegan Night video. Well, you can go ahead and forget that little tidbit of information. I have packed up all my size 4 or less dresses to give away. I bought two new size 6 dresses and I'm looking at living the rest of my life pleasantly plump and overflowing with bodacious bazoombas.

I haven't even weighed myself, but I know I need to at least try to lose a few pounds. And my husband is in the same boat with me, so we've vowed to eat healthy for the next two days. No cheese, no bread, no meat, no candy... That there is my downfall. I love candy. I'm making candy for my Baking Two final. But for the next two days I'll lay off my crack of choice in an effort to keep my other crack safely tucked into the back of my jeans.

I spent 25 bucks on fruits and veggies at the supermarket. Apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes. I also bought some barley and 1% cottage cheese. I know, I know, I said no cheese. I'm afraid my tummy will rebel against me if I don't provide it with something milky and creamy. And maybe I should have gotten yogurt, but I can't seem to find any good yogurt these days! Activia blows-chunks since they changed their formula. I know that's not a very nice visual, but they really screwed up a great tasting yogurt, rendering it as plasticized and fake as all the other crappy yogurt brands out there.

And while I'm complaining... Eating healthy is not easy! You can't just open up a bag of chips and shove them in your face. You have to wash, prep, cut, peel, cook. By the time dinner was finally ready I was STARVING!

The good news is it was DDelicious! Mushrooms and polenta with fresh tomato and basil. I've not been a polenta fan in the past. When I was a kid my parents would make it with a layer of melted cheese in the middle, and I'd refuse to eat the polenta and just peel out the gooey layer for consumption. And my husband has made it and I've refused to eat it. I'm really mature sometimes, I know. Someone made it at school and I tried it but I thought it was awful. But somehow today's polenta was quite tasty. The mushrooms were drizzled with olive oil and coated with sage before roasting and the fresh tomato and basil was just that. Fresh.

Not a speck of cheese on the plate, but still a filling and satisfying dinner that delivered a bit of home cooked nostalgia, even though I'd never really tried it.



runlevel0 said...

A trick to feel filled faster:

Before meal eat two or three finger-long stems of celery with peanut butter. This makes that the digestive enzyme productions starts earlier.

It's a trick I use when I want to control my weight during the training season.

Headbanging Hostess said...

Good tip!

I read once that eating celery makes us gals emit hormones that drive men wild! So I might get some exercise after dinner too! :)

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