Saturday, April 9, 2011 Signs Of Spring

All hail the inventor of the seedling heat mat! HAAAAAIIIILLL! It was a mere four days ago that I put seed to dirt and good lawdy I've already got signs of life. Scallions, basil, even some peppers are starting to peep forth. I've gone pepper crazy this year. I'm thinking of having ten pepper plants. I know, that's a lot for my postage stamp of a porch, but the seeds I bought were a mix of many colors and I want to get at least a few different colors going in the garden. Plus, the way I have the icing bucket/planters lined up I'm thinking the peppers will form a sort of edible fencing. Privacy peppers. Ha.

I gave away my outdoor table and chair set thinking I'd get a bench to put out there instead. But that all changed when my husband got a Weber gas grill. So now we have to figure out how to get it out there peacefully co-existing with the plants...on a postage stamp. And if there's any room left for a place to sit and eat I'll be thrilled. But if not, I'll be happy with my multi-colored privacy pepper fencing.

Roast peppers, anyone?



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