Tuesday, January 3, 2012 Collard Green Chips

The year has started off good for me. I've already lost 2 pound in 5 days of seriously watching what I eat. It is TORTUROUS not snacking myself to death at night, but the payoff is the nightmares that were plaguing me are gone.

These delightfully crispy chips are made with collard greens. I've made kale chips before, but the spines always got painfully stuck in my teeth. I took the time with these to cut around the larger spines.

I washed the greens in warm water very thoroughly twice and then spun it dry in the salad spinner. I transferred it to a larger bowl and then tossed it with some olive oil, salt, pepper, chipotle powder and smoked paprika. I probably put too much salt on it, but it helps take out the bitter taste of the greens. Be careful though, too much salt will burn your mouth, it's a delicate balance. You can add Parmesan cheese, too. Use your imagination. I bet it would rock with some Old Bay.

Bake in as single a layer as possible on parchment lined cookie sheets at 300 until they dry. It took about 1/2 an hour for these guys. Stir them up every once in a while so they dry evenly.

I think they're really tasty. My neighbor loves them. But other people have said they're too bitter. Not everyone is going to like these, that's what I'm saying. But they're worth a try.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I like collard greens sauted, maybe I'd like the chip version...


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