Sunday, October 3, 2010 Exciting Stuff In Headbanging Hostess Land

While my college education has overtaken my life it seems the rest of the world continues on. So far so good, on the college front. I got a 90% on my first quiz and a 93% on my first final. I'm doing well in my Food Prep class. Most of the kids are afraid of my teacher, I think. But he doesn't scare me! If he were a woman I'd be deathly afraid. I'm also doing well in my Baking class. The bread you see there came in second in our class contest - first place didn't have to take the upcoming test. So I've been studying all weekend.

The awesome e-zine Alternative Control published my recipe/rant (which from this day forward shall be known as a "Rant-ipe") so now, when you're desperately looking for something to do with your Halloween pumpkin, The Headbanging Hostess can assist you in digital print.

And, with any luck, The Headbanging Hostess will be available in print print! The Printed Blog has selected me as a "blogger of note" - thanks to all of your nominations!!! Soon I will have a "blog badge" that you can click when my posts are extra-extraordinary. The best blogs get printed up the old fashioned way and I'll get a cut of the subscription dough!

And possibly the biggest news of all? Looks like I'll be back on the boards! My brilliant and most talented friend Ron Destro has cast me as Queen Margaret in the Oxford Shakespeare Company production of Richard III.

So if I didn't have any time because of school, now I'm really fucked.

Don't worry! I'll still find time to cook! I have a few bands coming on the 22nd. And I'm already contacting some new bands - spread the love!!!

Bang on, my peeps!!!



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