Saturday, October 23, 2010 Pumpkins Make Me Brilliant!

What's the best thing in this picture? No, not the pumpkin filled with Faux-Shepard's Pie (aka Cowboy Pie, or just what we all know as Shepard's Pie). And tasty as it was, the Chicken Pot Pie in a pumpkin isn't the best thing in the picture either.

It's the empty sink!

Never before in Headbanging Hostess history has this happened!

I owe it all to a gourd.

I cooked the food on the stove all day, heated up the pumpkins, and finished them off with their proper fillings toppings in the oven right as my guests arrived. Perfectly timed, if I do say so myself.

But the best part is that the dishes are done. As the cooking went on for the seven previous hours I did the dishes, wave after wave, up until the serving of the completely compostable and biodegradable dinner bowls. And this morning I awake to a clean kitchen. Rock on!

Stay tuned for the video!

And serve dinner in a pumpkin tonight. You can thank me later.



Pixie said...

DELICIOUS!! Great company, great food... I can speak for all Midnightmares when I say we were not let down in the slightest by our first (but hopefully not last) meal with the Headbanging Hostess. :) Thanks again!

Headbanging Hostess said...

Def not your last meal! You guys were all great guests!

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