Sunday, February 13, 2011 Generations of Headbangers

Last night we went down to Rack n Roll to catch ourselves some Arcane Malevolence and The Midnightmares. I also met one of the guys in The Black Noise Scam, a punk band from the New Haven area that left a great first impression on the Stamford scene. And I knew a couple of guys from Sonic Supercharger 66 from "back in the day" which is my catch all term for times not recent. One of the guys I'd gone to high school with, which is 21 years ago. Zygotes have grown to drinking age in that amount of time.

This photo is of me (21+ years ago) singing in my high school band. Riplash (or Ripplash, depending who's typing) was the coolest high school band ever. As you can see we were wind instrument free. We traded reeds for guitar picks and marching for rocking. Stage band is what they called it, and we loved every minute of it. Some of our members were also actual local rock stars. They played in bands called The Entombed, Under Siege and Atrocity - Stamford at the time had a pretty active music scene. Bands called Open Fire and Liege Lord and Impact. I wish I could remember them all.

I'd tried to be in a few bands - Psycho Bitches From Hell was the name of one band that never got off the ground - so Riplash was my only outlet to rock stardom. My teacher, who was a real life rock star having played with Menudo, was kind enough to let me sing with him at a local bar called Diamond Jim's. He was there playing drums in a band called Sister Sun, but on the break he'd pick up the guitar and we'd do "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and I was a rock star... for a moment.

Anyway, why am I going off on this...

Last night I had the pleasure of formally meeting Pink Missile front man Danny Acedo. O. M. G. Talk about a force of nature. It was like a "celebrity sighting" moment except we were sighting each other. And, yes, we are both celebrities ;)

Overflowing with intoxicating (and possibly intoxicated) exuberance he greeted me and I returned the mutual love fest. The whole exchange reaffirming to me that I am doing the right thing and that I'm on the right path with my Headbanging Hostessing. He credited me with getting him a radio interview, I'll take the credit but I have no idea who this radio person is. LOL. I look forward to the interview where Danny will (as he demonstrated many increasingly more humorous times) talk about the local scene, talk about the bands (No Remission, Burn the Bodies, Arcane Malevolence, some band called Pink Missile) talk about The Headbanging Hostess and then he will boldly announce... I can't spoil it for you. Tune into Amish Mike to find out. I hope that's the right link. Like I said, I don't know the guy. Yet.

And, wrapping this up in a generational bow, turns out I knew Danny's brother "back in the day" because he was in Atrocity with someone who was in Riplash with me. And I was in a show with Michael Gross who was in Tremors with...Kevin Bacon.

See how we're all related?

And furthermore, the most recent band to agree to let me use their music in my videos is In It For Storms. And their guitar player's dad was my high school music teacher.

Rock on! \m/


Stay tuned for info on upcoming shows at the Rocker Room, which was called Streets "back in the day."


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