Thursday, February 17, 2011 Three Cheers For Spring!

Today I walked to the supermarket for the first time since probably November. Armed with my video camera and my hand-knit shopping bag I took the long route to the market, through the back end of Cummings Park.

The first sign of the park is a sort of inlet/marshy/wetland area that is usually occupied by beer drinkers and waterfowl. The Canadian geese were out in force, poking their beaks at the snow-melted ground for sustenance. Outnumbering the geese 20 to 1 was freakin' GARBAGE! The amount of garbage was obscene! I couldn't even take a picture of it, it was way too upsetting. Plastic shopping bags caught up in the reeds, tons of plastic packaging crap - who the hell is bringing their garbage to the beach?

I gotta calm down.

I saw the light at the end of Winter's asshole tunnel - crocuses! No flowers yet, but definite forward thinking on the part of them bulbs. They know it's time, they know the sun is coming out, they are good and ready for some bloomage. You go, crocuses!

Obviously, if you look at the picture, I bought tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms at the supermarket. Call it a practice run for a possible Stuffed Night! The potato and mushroom were delicious, but the tomato left much to be desired. Maybe the stock I used in the rice was too sweet, I dunno. The "flavor profile" was off. But I was quite pleased with my first attempt at twice-baked potatoes and the mushrooms rocked even though I totally blanked on removing the stem.

Bang on, my peeps!



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