Monday, February 28, 2011 Good News and Good BBQ

Did you know vegans don't eat sugar? Well they don't. Something about animal bones being used in the refining process. Good thing my neighbor gave me two bottles of coconut nectar, because I put it in my BBQ sauce instead of the sugar. Tomato puree, mustard, vinegar, chili, paprika, red and black pepper - all sort of tasty things coming together to trick our mouths into thinking we're eating real BBQ this Thursday. The sauce is delicious, so I'm looking forward to a bangin' vegan BBQ lasagna.

If you do want to eat real meat BBQ this week head on down to Bobby Q's in Westport, CT. It's restaurant week and they've got all sorts of rockin' deals going on.

And finally the good news. We have a new band in the family, Waking Elliot! They're a kick-ass, female fronted alternative rock band. This time Metal Girl Power is Alternative Girl Power \m/ Check out their Facebook page and this video of them performing on Better Connecticut. I've never heard of Better Connecticut. I'm only slightly familiar with the concept of a better Connecticut existing outside of Fairfield County. Ba dum bum. But they're playing at The Space in Hamden, CT April 10 and I'm looking forward to being there. I hope you'll be there too! Support original music in Connecticut, yo!

Rock on!



Tony Van Helsing said...

Surely vegans can eat unrefined sugar?

Headbanging Hostess said...

You are correct, Tony. Good thing is the Coconut necter my neighbor gave me was free. Now I'm a freegan ;) And, to top it off, the house were were at had raw sugar on the counter...ha ha ha. Actually...the best part of all this is the vegan didn't even come to dinner! But I wasn't upset, I made a great meal and he missed out :)

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