Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Like A Vegan...HAY!

Today The Headbanging Hostess be an illin' hostess. I stayed home from school both last night and today. Just not feeling well enough to be working in a kitchen. But the culinary mind is still at work planning the next dinner...

Vegan Night!

Pink Missile is the special guest that night and it turns out their singer is a vegan. And I am ready for the challenge of making a tasty vegan meal.

I tried to be vegan to impress a boy once. But I just ate Tofutti cuties for two weeks until I gave up when I realized I couldn't eat skittles. Gelatin. Damn vegans.


Here's the plan thus far...

Homemade Focaccia (I looked it up and vegans can have yeast)

Waldorf"ish" Salad (lettuce, apples, nuts, celery)

Zucchinetti with Garlic Wine sauce

Vegan BBQ Lasagna - This is where I let my imagination run wild. I'm going to make some egg-free pasta with some liquid smoke added. Then I'll layer it with homemade BBQ sauce, roasted peppers, BBQ beans and bechamel with (gasp!) margarine, flour and soy milk.

OMG. I sure hope it tastes good. Sounds great until the margarine. I hope the smoky flavor of the pasta and the textures of the fillings combine to make it the most BBQ-like an experience a vegan can have.

For dessert I'm thinking sorbet and cookies. The tricky part is the sugar, which vegans don't eat because animal bones are used in the refining process. So I'll be on the look out for vegan sugar.

How does that sound? If I hadn't mentioned the word vegan would you notice? Would your mouth?

Stay tuned.



Lauren said...

Have you ever tried cooking with agave nectar? It's from a cactus. Should qualify as vegan. Just know that it makes things brown more than sugar and is a bit sweeter. ~ Your menu sounds great!

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