Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Taking Time Off From Entertaining

As successful as it was, last weeks dinner was a bitch to pull off. Two weeks in a row we tried to do BYO Breakfast Night! But with the snow flakes and my flaky friends it took two attempts to pull it off. And I just managed to scrape up enough guests at the last possible moment.

It's happened before. Corn Flake Night was only attended by my husband and I. And Blueberry Night I remember anxiously waiting by the porch door looking for guests to enjoy the 7 courses I'd made. I actually sent my husband out to pick some people up!

In the heat of summer it was hard to get people here, I'm guessing the dead of winter is having the same effect.

So I'll take a little time off and pursue some new bands, new recipes and whateverthehellelse I want. I hope everyone is enjoying the new music from Pink Missile and The Backwater Racket, I know I am! There are still a few songs on the Arcane Malevolence CD that I have yet to rape and plunder. And I'm looking forward to meeting Jacobi Wichita in the near future. Plus The Midnightmares are in the studio and Burn the Bodies will be in the studio in the next few months!

And No Remission will be at B.B. Kings in New York City in May!

And Saturday I'm going to see The Midnightmares and Arcane Malevolence at Rack n Roll! Which brings us back to the picture at the top!

Rock on and stay tuned! \m/



Miss K said...

Hey, I had a great time at the most recent BYO Breakfast night! Thanks for having me. ;) (And my real breakfast the next morning was a Slimfast shake, lol.)

Headbanging Hostess said...

It was a pleasure having you! Don't worry, I won't tell SirFiance ;)

Metal Girl Power! \m/

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