Sunday, March 27, 2011 Big Time Birthday Celebration!

Next week we'll be celebrating the 7th birthday of my baby bunny boy. I can't believe it! Seems like he's been here FOREVER! Ha ha ha. I remember going to pick up this fuzzy bundle of rabbitude, riding back from Massachusetts with him sprawled out on my lap. I was instantly in love and he was instantly in charge.

Last year we celebrated his birthday in style, with a huge party. Multi-course eating, gift giving, loot bags and even cupcakes to take home! That was before I even considered myself The Headbanging Hostess that I am. Before the blogging and vlogging, back when I'd literally cook for three or four days. I've since learned to scale back for sanity's sake. But next week will find me back in the kitchen cooking up a storm to celebrate in classic headbanging fashion.

Carnival Night, baby!

Foods inspired by the carnival of all carnivals. The state fair of all state fairs. I'm not talking crappy outdated musicals, no. I'm talking THE BIG E!!!!!

Deep Fried Salad!

Pot Roast Sundaes!

Crazy Pizza Combinations!


Cadbury Creme Eggs baked in a biscuit!!!!!

Call the hospital now and reserve your room in the cardiac wing. And stay tuned for details!!!

PLUS, as an added bonus, my bunny and I have articles in the upcoming issue of Alternative Control!

Bang on, my peeps!



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