Sunday, March 6, 2011 Vegan Night Wrap-Up and More

Vegan Night was a success. If you haven't watched the video check it out here.

I want to give a more complete recipe for the BBQ sauce and lasagna. Keep in mind this is all to taste, my sauce was pretty spicy. I was actually glad I had the Waldorf"ish" salad on my plate to calm my mouth between bites. But you know what your mouth and your families mouths like, so feel free to switch it all up. The most important flavor here is the love.

For the sauce -

Tomato puree
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mustard (I used Spicy Brown)
salt and pepper
Chili powder (Ancho and Chipotle for me)
Paprika (Hungarian Half-Sharp and Smoked Spanish)
pinches of Anise and Allspice
Coconut nectar
half cap each of Hickory and Mesquite liquid smoke
one roasted onion
4-5 cloves of roasted garlic

Cook in a saucepan, puree with stick blender, enjoy.

As for the lasagna, let your imagination do the work. You don't have to make your own noodles. Layer par-cooked store noodles with whatever says BBQ to you. I used beans, roasted peppers and corn. But you could add collard greens if that's your thing, that certainly says BBQ. Black-eyed peas, scalloped potatoes, even mushrooms would add a great meaty texture. Layer it up, sauce, pasta, filling, pasta, sauce, pasta, filling, pasta and so on. Use vegan cheese if you like, or real cheese if you're not vegan. Hell, if you're not vegan put some pulled pork in there. You get my meaning. Make what you want! The final product will never fail to impress if you follow your heart.

I was super pleased with my vegan meal. Mission accomplished.

On another note, please take a moment to fill out a ballot for the Fairfield County Weekly's annual "Best Of" issue. Vote for Best Local Blog and check out my list of "Two Tits Up" Restaurants to finish padding the ballot. You need to vote in 20 categories in order for your votes to be counted. You can also vote for Bridgeport Theatre Company for Best Local Theatre Company, they did a reading of one of my plays a few months back so they are HBH approved :)

Thank you so much and please pass it on. Accolades ROCK \m/



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