Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Spring Break = Diet Vacation

I've been pretty good on my diet...until now. Eating meat only once a week has been put on hold while I celebrate spring break in a way no self-respecting MTV programmer would ever choose to broadcast. I'm eating...lots.

Sunday's dinner consisted of an experimental chicken preparation. You've heard of beer can chicken? Well this was orange soda can chicken. Oh yeah! Cover the chicken with salt, pepper, chili, cinnamon, allspice, paprika, pour out half a soda, place the chicken on the can, vertically, in the most pornographic way possible and bake! About a half-an-hour in I added the carrots and potatoes, they were small. No way they'd need the full hour and fifteen to cook.

The other half of the soda I reduced on the stove and then I threw in the last of the spicy sauce from the Samoas Shrimp. The chicken really did take on a nice orange flavor, and the sauce spooned over the top brought it all together - the spice, the sweet, the cinnamon! OMG! Mad crazy tasty.

And the best part? Leftovers!

Yesterday I pulled the rest of the meat off the chicken and baked it into a casserole. If anything is going to prevent me from losing anymore weight it is my ability to make cheese sauce. Bechamel, raclette, gouda, pepper jack - all of these ingredients seek to destroy what's left of my figure by smothering my veggies and high fiber pasta in ridiculous fatty goodness. And the chicken...with just a hint of cinnamon flavor.

My mother never made casserole, I've said this before, so I know I'm way behind the times with this. But I just love making them so I will continue to create casseroles with headbanging qualities.

Using up leftovers is quickly becoming a headbanging quality.

Speaking of which, the last of that bird is on the stove now, in a big pot with all sorts of veggie scraps making (you guessed it) chicken stock. With a hint of cinnamon. My house smells bangin'.

On top of all this my husband brought home a huge chunk of meat the other day and said, "Can you make beef jerky out of this?" So I have enough jerky in the house to feed a small army. And I've been gnawing away at it for days.

This will have to end eventually, my neighbor dropped off a bunch of hand-me-down clothing and it's all a little small. I'd rather starve than shop for clothes. And the weather is starting to cooperate with my need to walk outside. So I'll be burning more calories before you know it! C'mon, Spring! Let's see if we can get this 38 year old ass back in my bikini!

Bang on, my peeps!



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