Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Wine Tasting Blues

We had a wine tasting today in school. Most people would enjoy a wine tasting, not me. I don't drink alcohol at all, don't like it, never really did. And I've tried to develop an appreciation of wine. When I worked at the "west coast pizza chain from hell" we had a wine tasting that paired the wine with our ingredients, and I got the different flavors, I just didn't like any of them.

The guy who was leading the tasting was filled with knowledge and passion for wine. He had a great presentation style, I thought. He kept my interest, I learned things, even chuckled once or twice. When the tasting came along the whites were not to my liking, the first sip of the Riesling was okay but the second sip confirmed I still didn't like wine. And when the reds came along, forget it! I made the ugliest face of my existence (and believe me, I've made some ugly faces) and quickly pawned off the rest on a classmate.

So that's that. And as the teacher pointed out, people in the service industry need to know wine. Good thing I don't want to work in the service industry :)



Anonymous said...

I actually don't like white wine at all -- too sweet -- but I love red (not that anyone has ever seen me drink it...)

But I'm the mutant who never even tasted alcohol until I was almost 30 years old, so I'm not the best to go by. :)


runlevel0 said...

I almost don't drink either. But it's because I just don't like being drunk or in any otehr altered state. From time to time I do however let myself loose and enjoy some good wine or excellend Belgian beer.

White wine can be good, bbut Riesling is indeed too sweet, not only for my taste. If you ever want to try an incredible white you should try a Spanish 'Marina Alta', it's made of teh Moscatell variety of grape, but it's NOT sweet (steer clear from the sweet ones).

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