Wednesday, March 2, 2011 One Down One To Go

Today was our big breakfast for the state legislature. We had to be at school at 5:55AM for a 7:30 start. Most of the work was already done, but we had final touches, heating, plating and so on to do. The funny thing about all of the functions at school is that they're all pretty...I'm looking for a word...something like anticlimactic but it starts with non...I dunno, I've been up since 5. What I'm trying to say is that you prep for days and days and then when the day comes it seems like there's not much to do. But they came, they ate, they paid lip service to the value of education and they left.

They barely ate a thing, so maybe I'm glad we didn't make my Connecticut muffin idea. Because if a basket of them went untouched I'd be pretty pissed. I'm emotional like that.

Tomorrow is my big day in the kitchen. I'm making pretty much everything for Vegan Night - fresh pasta, assembling the lasagna, making salad, cookies, sorbet. Then I've got to pack it all up and bring it to our super special location in Fairfield. One of my regulars is house sitting so we're going on the road!

I'm looking forward to it! Tasty vegan food is a challenge, I think, and I'm ready to conquer!

Stay tuned for the video!!!



Tony Van Helsing said...

Are Vegans allowed pasta? Also what is a Connecticut muffin? Sorry, I'm all questions today.

Headbanging Hostess said...

They can't have egg pasta, which is how I usually make it. This time it was just flour, semolina, salt and water.

A Connecticut Muffin is something that only exists in my imagination :) But it would have CT ingrediants like winter squash, apple sauce, maple syrup and nutmeg, 'cuz we're the Nutmeg State, yo! \m/

Questions rock, don't apologize :)

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