Monday, March 28, 2011 Bitchin' 'Bout Bloggers

So... This food blogger I follow on Facebook posts her status. Something along the lines of "You can substitute string cheese for mozzarella cheese." Seems harmless, right? Then, someone replies something along the lines of "Mind blowing! I never ever thought of that in my entire existence."

Um, are you fucking kidding me?

String cheese IS mozzarella cheese!

I honestly cannot believe someone wouldn't know that. And I really can't believe a food blogger would think that's news. But, whatever. I'm sure she knows her shit, she's a nice girl and all that, but it just blows my mind. And the fact that she has 5,500 fans sticks in my you-know-what.

Don't get me wrong! I am super thankful for the Facebook fans I have, for my blog readers and video watchers. And I know headbanging doesn't speak to everyone. I know not everyone will like me or even get me. I understand that. I've been that way for 38 years now.

Someone suggested I cater to the masses in order to get my numbers up. But are the masses really that dumb? Need I point out you can substitute a few small cans of tomato sauce for one large can of tomato sauce? That you may use brown eggs instead of white eggs? That you can... Actually, I can't think of another example...

Are these the people that I'm writing for? No! I'm writing for people with an IQ high enough to be able to correctly identify the foods that go into their mouths. People smart enough and passionate enough about the food they put into their bodies to know BY TASTE that a piece of cheese is the same piece of cheese no matter what shape it comes in. And they're over that cheese anyway! The people I write for eat stinky cheese, sharp cheese, gooey brie, melted raw milk raclette... My people are putting chocolate on chicken and shrimp and they are liking it.

String cheese? Forget it \m/



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