Sunday, May 23, 2010 Idea. Crystalizing.

It's Sunday. I've got Hungarian leftovers for a Magyar army in my fridge. Half a container of Sour Cream Ice Cream that won't make it to Monday. And three beautiful pieces of inspiration to my left. More on that later.

I was out of my element yesterday. I was a guest. At a party celebrating the 70th Birthday of my husband's ex's Mom. "What?" you ask...

I know it's not normal. But fuck normal. If normal is hating the person you used to love then normal is stupid, and sad. Sadly stupid.

I took it as a good sign when I met my husband that he and his ex were still friends. We love them. They love us. We're one big happy family.

But sitting there as a guest! That was the weird part. I tell ya, she served up some good food. Apples wrapped in prosciutto is pretty fucking good. And the double-decker vanilla cake with strawberry-buttercream filling and chocolate icing was kick-ass.

As she and her sister cooked up the apps her husband tried to help me figure out shit with my computer. When they fired up the grill we all took turns working the grill. I'm tellin ya, one big happy family.

I made the guest of honor two dozen of my finest cookies. Apple Pie Cookies and Sweet Potato Cookies with Cherry Craisins and Walnuts. Before I was The Headbanging Hostess I was a cookie baker. In December I made my first batch of cookies out of boredom and by January I was ready to go into business. Obviously that didn't work out, because here I am, hostessing and banging my head :)

So, while this party is going on around me, my mind is preoccupied with the upcoming Thursday and what I'm going to make. What's the theme?

I have a list of themes, but none of them stood out. I thought, "Red, White and Blue" for Memorial Day, but I've already done blueberries twice this month. All day I struggled with it in my mind.

As the party went on the subject of our Thursday night dinners came up and I rushed to get my phone to show off my custom made aprons. Oh, yes. You read that right. I had my brilliant, talented and handsome friend and adopted brother Jimmy Johansmeyer custom design and make me some aprons. Of course, he didn't need to take my measurements, and no I won't tell you why :)

Well, let me tell you, these three beautiful aprons to my left (refer to first paragraph ;) have inspired me to declare next Thursday FASHION NIGHT!!!!

The menu is coming together in my head. Stay tuned.

And stay tuned for the DEBUT of my hot-ass aprons! You will not be disappointed! If you are you can go fuck yourself.

Bang on, my peeps!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!....I can't wait to hear what the menu will be!

Tacomamama said...

Oh, I can't see the aprons. They sound cool.

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