Now I know why my Dad never made Sweet Bull's Eye Cookies. They're a pain in the fuckin' ass!

I'm pretty sure the guy who wrote the cookbook never made a cookie in his life. Following his directions I ended up with two sheets of dough stuck inside parchment paper. I could take one sheet off, but then the cookie cutters weren't able to dislodge their cutsey shapes from the rest of the dough. So I rolled up in a log and chilled it for slicing.

I sliced it, I had to roll out the slices. I probably went through a cup of sugar just dusting them over and over to keep them from sticking to the counter. I burnt half the first batch. I hate my oven. So I had to make a second batch.

13 Bull's Eye Cookies in 10 hours. Let me tell you. They were worth every minute.



Tacomamama said...

I think you may be on to something here. Bestselling cookbook idea: how to bake 1 dozen cookies in just 10 short hours!

Like the slow food movement, only accidental.

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