Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Plant Shopping At The Farmers Market!

I went to the Farmers Market today totally without a plan. I'm so deep in Hungarian Week I really hadn't thought of how to spend the big bucks my husband gave me.

Whole Foods opened today, I knew every idiot for miles around would be headed in that direction, so I avoided that whole side of town. I took the back roads and pulled into the Municipal Lot, the farmers tents showing themselves above the hoods of the SUV imports. All the farmers and vendors in the same spots as always, the organic chick, the bakery, the soap lady. Cool Chick with the apples isn't there yet, too early in the season.

I wandered around, saying my hellos, realizing I could buy plants or bread. I went with plants. My ass don't need no bread.

I'm planting a lot this year. More than I should, I bet. My porch is small, all my gardening takes place in containers. Most of them are old icing buckets from my ice cream cake decorating days. I have 8 of them lined up against the railing, waiting for my Peter Pepper seedlings and my Ice Cream Garden.

Yes. You read that right. Ice Cream Garden.

I'm on an herbal ice cream kick. I've made Basil, Honey-Thyme, Pineapple Sage and Rosemary. The latter was awful, but the first three were fantastic!!!

So the focus of this years herb garden is Ice Cream. How will it taste bathed in cream and sugar?

We should ask that about everything in life.

I came home with seven plants, two mints, sage, rosemary, thyme, purple basil and some lemon thing I never heard of. And I'm not done :)

It's gonna be a tasty summer!

Bang on, my peeps!



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