Wednesday, May 26, 2010 It's a scorcher!

It's mad crazy hot outside! And this is May! Two weeks ago I had to wrap my garden in a blanket and now it's almost 90 degrees!

So what does The Headbanging Hostess do on a hot ass day! She won't be baking an Orange Chiffon Cake, that's fo sho! I'll wait for the evening hours. With the AC on 66 and the oven on 350 it's likely gonna be 142 degrees in here! And I can't take that shit!

My trip to the Farmers Market yielded three more herb plants and I stopped at a garden center on the way home to make sure I got some Pineapple Sage in the garden. The ice cream garden is almost complete. I have room for two more plants, officially. But I bet I'll find a way to squeeze in some more!

I'll start the Ropa Vieja when my hubby gets home from the market. That'll only take 8 hours or so in the crock pot.

Speaking of hubby...anyone ever notice woman referring to their husbands as "DH." I thought it stood for "damn husband" for the longest time!!! LOL! I felt like part of a sisterhood...if only for a moment :)

Bang on, my peeps!



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