Friday, September 24, 2010 The Big E(at)

Step right up! Step right up! Step right up and throw the food right in my freakin' mouth!

This year's trip to The Big E did not disappoint! Not that it ever has. We brought a newbie with us and, while showing him around, I found myself reminiscing about my first time at The Big E.

My parents were both immigrants, so I never even heard of The Big E until I was in college. And the first time I went was back in the day - the days when I didn't really eat food, or have the passion for it as I do now.

The first time I went I couldn't find anything to eat. Which is pretty much impossible - unless you're allergic to everything. I ended up getting Deep Fried Veggies and eating two of them. Everyone around me looked huge. Gigantic. Ginormous.No lie. No wonder I couldn't find anything to eat. I was a buck o'five and I wanted to stay that way.

Now, having increased that by just over 15%, I eagerly showed our friend through the state buildings while loading up on lollipops, free rulers and BACON S'MORES!!! Which came from the same booth in the Connecticut building that introduced me to Chocolate Covered Bacon!!!

Sorry for the exclamation points. I get very excited about chocolate and bacon.

The Salmon on a Stick was the best thing there for all three of us. The Warm Lobster Roll is awesome - the only one in the fair made correctly in our book. Cold Lobster and mayo? Grody-to-the-max.

The Deep Fried Jelly Beans were tasty, but you could only eat one. If that, I ended up picking out the jelly beans. It was 3 for 5 dollars. They should have offered them at 2 dollars each and we would have tried the Deep Fried Butter as well. We watched a young man bite into his. Hot melted butter gushed out of it - "It's bread and butter. What's not to like!"

The Chicharones were very good, could have been a little more done but we ate them all. The last chunk I swallowed whole. The Deep Fried Pickles we had were hot as all hell. They were missing the extra zing of my Pretzel Fried Pickles, but we ate them.

There's always plenty to see at The Big E. My favorite is always the giant pumpkins. They amaze me. And the goats, pigs, horses and chickens ain't bad either.

Make it a point to go! It is worth the trip. Go on a weekday if you can, the weekends are nightmarishly crowded!

Bang on, my peeps!



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