Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Tomorrow Night!!! Breakfast!!!

Tomorrow night we shall revel in the return of Breakfast Night! Way back when, before I was The Headbanging Hostess, regular Vanessa had everyone over one night for breakfast. Everyone was to bring a box of kids cereal - that was both the appetizer and the dessert as I mixed them all together in a huge marshmallow cereal treat.

This time we're looking at French Toast made from my Homemade Apple Sauce Bread with some sausage and bacon on the side. Hungarian Breakfast Wraps as of this moment exist solely in my imagination - a Hungarian Pancake wrapped around fried potatoes with red and green peppers, onion and a smear of apricot jam. That's the crazy part, the jam. I think if I make the potatoes a little spicy it could work.

I'm also planning a Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream. I'm going RIGHT NOW to freeze the canister :)



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