Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Building A Headbanging Empire

While on winter break I've been plugging away at the keyboard, trying to squeeze every bit of potential out of the interwebs. Yesterday it took me over two hours to upload all my videos to TubeMogul, which distributes them to the websites I choose.

Get ready to bookmark!

Dailymotion, and metacafe are all now blessed with the full HBH video library. Already people are taking note - "Stock Night!" has 110 views and a 3.19 star rating as of this very moment!

My new video camera has already kicked up the quality notches, I'm thinking about changing up the format of the dinners for a bit. How does BYO dinner parties sound? To tell you the truth, the expense has gotten a little taxing, and attempts at asking for donations have been spotty at best. My take has been 50 bucks and it's been 2. If I were forced to spend only that 2 bucks on the next dinner we'd be eating salt and pepper cardboard.

So I'd like to find a way to get the guests to supply more of the food, while I still am the one to cook it. Sure I could just tell everyone to bring something, but where's the fun in that? And what if they can't cook? And what if what they cook is everything I'm allergic to in a casserole?


I'd also like to do some videos on sanitation for the home in the near future. After the holidays I read one too many Facebook status updates regarding food poisoning. And, since I passed my ServeSafe exam with flying colors (92%) I feel I am qualified to offer the advice.

Speaking of exams, I got a 95% on my Food Production and Purchasing exam. Yes, all my grade school math teachers are rolling around in their graves right now. I was NEVER a good math student, but for some reason this year it clicked. So I think I'll use my mathematical powers to do some real dinner party costing. Dinner parties for every budget! Except 2 bucks...

Next month I have an awesome foodicle (food + article) in Alternative Control featuring a romantic dinner for two! I'm once again thrilled to have the opportunity.

Stay tuned!

Bang on, my peeps!



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