Wednesday, January 19, 2011 The Little Miss Project: Vanessa

I am beside myself with joy.

Last Thursday I happened upon Sugarland's blog post regarding The Little Miss Project. I'm telling you now, go get some Kleenex before you click on the video. A very bright young lady named Erica came up with the idea (I can't take credit, I wish I could) and she assembled and edited videos from a bunch of fans illustrating their journeys through their dark times and into the light of love and hope. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but watch the video. It will move you.

So I rushed to put on some make-up, I actually had Dave out of the house playing poker for a few hours, and I tried to make a video. I tried. And cried. It was a struggle, the inspiration had truly moved me and I was having a hard time getting words out of my mouth.

But it didn't matter.

Watch the video here.

I'm truly honored that Sugarland chose my video first out of who knows how many submissions. I hope that sharing my story, through tears if not words, helps and inspires others who are dealing with Alzheimer's and depression.

It'll be alright again!



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