Wednesday, January 26, 2011 More Friggin' Snow!

We have been getting PUMMELED with snow storms since the day after Christmas. It snows at least once a week, always on Tuesday, and I've been trapped in the house for days at a time.


School started again this week, it should have started last Friday but, you guessed it, snow. Today my cooking class was cut short by an hour, snow.

Is there anything you can cook in the snow? I know you can make killer snow cones but I'm not able to come up with anything that gets cooked in snow. Is that an oxymoron? Am I?


Tomorrow is/was supposed to be BYO Breakfast Night! But we're playing it by ear whether we have dinner or not. But just in case I'm fully prepared to whip up some homemade glazed donuts for bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. And I'm putting my husband on the omelette station. Our guests will bring the ingredients that I'm missing from my fridge! So I won't even have to go out in the snow!


So stay tuned! I can't wait to see what happens either!



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