Saturday, January 1, 2011 Headbanging Resolve in 2011

2010 was a fantastic year for The Headbanging Hostess. I discovered a new talent, combined it with my existing ones and an entertaining food empire was born!

What to do in 2011?

First off I have to shed some of the TWENTY POUNDS I've put on! In a year of good cooking that translates to less than an ounce a day. And in some ways I don't really care but in some ways I do. I know it'd be healthy to lose some weight, start exercising again and once again see my hip bones. Well, maybe not the hip bone part. And I'm only a size 6...not that bad for most of the population. But having spent the majority of my life as a struggling, starving actress, being 125 instead of 105 has a bit of a negative effect on my self-image. Let's face it, we still live in a country where weight matters.

BTW - Has anyone seen Sheryl Crow lately? Girlfriend needs to eat something. Balance, people. It's something we need to find.

So I'll be finding some balance for my ass, I'll also be finishing school this year. I hope to continue my straight "A" status through the next semester. Hopefully the nutrition class I'll be taking will give me some guidance.

As The Headbanging Hostess I look forward to introducing some new bands, including Jacobi Wichita and new music from Burn The Bodies. I also hope to share some super tasty, healthy dinner party ideas, create lots of tasty new recipes and continue to deliver entertaining content in blog and video form.

I also aim to continue my restaurant reviews, which have been a popular feature of the blog. I hope to build upon the success of that and reach out to more potential fans through the power of food. I shall also finally harness the power of the internet, with the help of friends, to make sure my blog and vids get seen and go viral!

Here's to a faboo 2011 for all of you! Words cannot express how much your interest and support have meant to me. I have been transformed.

Bang on, my peeps!



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