Saturday, January 29, 2011 Neighborhood Restaurants That Just Shouldn't Be

I don't think I've given a negative review since the abomination that was the Norwalk Oyster Festival. But it seems the time has come once again to declare the truth - Cove Pizza sucks.

Let me give you a bit of the back story.

Cove Pizza used to be owned by a guy named Joe. Great guy. Always smiling, always working. He and his family owned it forever. Back when I was a kid the New York Times gave them a stellar review and the cars were lined up all the way down Cove Rd. Great pizza. The Pizza a la Vodka was our favorite.

Then Joe sold the place.

The new owners quickly ruined the joint. I don't know why that is, but they did. It was always empty, nothing tasted the same and Joe's smiling face was nowhere to be seen.

The place was sold again and the new owners put a great deal more effort into the operation. They started delivering, the food was getting better and it seemed the neighborhood pizza place was being brought back from the brink of death.


We went for dinner tonight because we had a gift certificate and let me tell you, even with the 25 bucks off, it wasn't worth it.

The waitress was embarrassed to be bringing us the food, it seemed. It was just awful. The salad was nothing and the dressing was 80% water. Not a seasoning to be found. My pizza was pretty bland, canned pineapple has no zing. The only decent flavor coming off it came from the Parmesan cheese she brought to the table.

My husband's "homemade" ravioli were anything but. They had strange texture, little flavor and the sauce was almost non existent. The cheese was burnt on the top and the ravioli's were burnt to the bottom of the pan.

And the wine he ordered was listed as Napa Valley in the menu and yet it was Sonoma County.

So there.

Don't go to Cove Pizza, unless they sell it again. And then I'll go first and let you know.



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