Friday, January 7, 2011 Cutting Out Meat And Losing Weight

Already I've lost weight in 2011!

I cut meat out of my diet after the first of the month and lo and behold I've already lost weight. Just a couple pounds, but I'm reminded of something I'd forgotten. Eating meat makes me fat. And I'd willingly forgotten the information, meat happens to taste good, especially when I cook it, but I took that bit of knowledge and threw it right-the-fuck-out-my-head.

And I'm not starving myself at all, I'm eating just as much as just as often, but I'm making better choices as to what I shove in my face. I'm munching on popcorn and cereal and Fiber One bars. I baked Sweet Potato Corn Bread yesterday and then gave it all away. And last nights Celery Apple and Brie Pizza was so good I'm making another tonight.

I'm not missing meat at all.

Not even bacon.

There must be something wrong with me ;)



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