Friday, May 6, 2011 Blasphemy is DDelicious \m/

The Gods have declared The National Day of Reason dinner tasty beyond belief.

The entree, as you can see, was a beautiful bacon cheese burger sandwiched between two pieces of kosher for passover (but not for long) Matzoh. Mmm, mmm, Matzoh.

The opening dish is still in the forefront of my food memory. Gay Wedding Soup.

All day I slaved over this soup. Actually, it began last week when I made veggie stock for our "two days of veggies" diet. I never actually used the stock in anything but it was super cloudy, I had to clarify it if anyone was going to be able to see the rainbow of veggies I had planned on including. So I had to bust out my Food 101 book and look up how to make consomme (pronounced like consummate without the "t" sound at the end). Well it was a ugly process (stay tuned for the video) but I and it got the job done and the resulting broth was so beautifully clear that every color popped through - purple cabbage, blue potatoes, green broccoli, yellow peppers, orange peppers and red peppers. Plus a slew of the tastiest meatballs you've had in a while.

I had so much meatball mixture I made some meatloaves in my dinosaur pan to honor those who believe the world is only 6,000 years old.

And to end it all we gorged ourselves on Candied Bacon and my Angel of Death Trifle with layers of angel food cake, chocolate chips, walnut gelatin pudding (a very strange thing) and maple whipped cream.

Stay tuned for the video! \m/



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