Wednesday, May 25, 2011 The Big Announcement!

Drumroll, please...

I am proud to announce that the next dinner party will be appearing in the award winning food blog CT Bites! Recipes included! AAAHHH!!!

This is a big deal! It's a great opportunity for The Headbanging Hostess to reach out to new readers and viewers - people who might not be googling "headbanging dinner" or "headbanging tits" (try it!). And, of course, it's a great way to introduce more people to the concept of entertaining at home!

The theme is Dinner on a Stick Night!

Dinner parties are way fun. We know this. And Dinner on a Stick Night is a fun way to get people started on their own dinner party journey. Food on a stick is cute and portable. A fun way to impress your guests with some foods they might not make at home. And, being portable, it helps your guests move about the party like the social butterfly they were born to be.

I'm thinking bread sticks (like the picture), salad on a stick, corn dog muffin apps, spicy chicken skewers, breakfast on a stick and some yet-do-be-decided dessert on a stick. Possibly s'mores on a stick... I may change my mind on that one.

PLUS I'm working on an extra special video, featuring music from three different bands. I'm still waiting to hear from one of the bands, so I will wait to make the official announcement. But I promise it'll be an awesome mix of CT music!

So, check out CT Bites! And stay tuned for one of the best dinner parties EVER! \m/



Natalie said...

That's awesome! 'Grats!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that f'n rocks! Nice, you deserve it! :)

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