Sunday, May 1, 2011 National Day of Reason Dinner

This Thursday, while most folks are celebrating Cinco de Mayo we will be celebrating the National Day of Reason.

If you're easily offended or have no sense of humor please stop reading now.

From their website -

"A consortium of leaders from within the community of reason endorsed the idea of a National Day of Reason. This observance is held in parallel with the National Day of Prayer, on the first Thursday in May each year. The goal of this effort is to celebrate reason—a concept all Americans can support—and to raise public awareness about the persistent threat to religious liberty posed by government intrusion into the private sphere of worship."

So I'm celebrating reason with my sick sense of humor, superior moral compass and sharp cooking skills. Consider yourself warned...

Gay Wedding Soup - When asking around for religious meals someone suggested Italian Wedding Soup and Gay Wedding Soup popped out of my mouth like it was the answer to the 7 dollar question (adjusted for the depression.) Italian meatballs and a rainbow of veggies joined together in tasty matrimony with flavorful homemade stock.

Bacon Cheeseburgers on Matzoh - Oh so wrong, this I know. But wrong is funny and sometimes it's tasty, too. When I was a kid my friends took me to the JCC. When we were in the cafe they asked me what I wanted and I said "a cheeseburger." When they told me I couldn't have that and tried to explain why I declared it was stupid because cheeseburgers were real good. Oy.

And for dessert something I've decided to call...

Angel of Death Trifle - Layers of angel food cake, whipped sacred cow cream, sinful gelatin walnut pudding (who knew such a thing existed? Leave it to the Spanish aisle), deadly amounts of chocolate chunks and of course BACON! Just in case you didn't have enough bacon already.

Sounds good to me. Is anyone still reading this?



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Great and Godless!

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