Thursday, May 12, 2011 Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaappy Anniversary.

Holy Shit! One year ago today I wrote my first blog post and what a ride it has been! I never would have guessed that cooking my way out of depression would result in a slew of new friends, a gaggle of kick-ass bands and my ass not fitting in any of my clothes. Oh yeah, and I'm graduating culinary school.

It doesn't even stop there! I've been writing for Alternative Control. Plus, I've got another yet-to-be-announced writing gig coming up. The Mushroom Channel featured one of my recipes and drove it into my top ten most popular posts. I've socially networked my creations onto the Food Network Facebook page, the Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Facebook page and into Cadbury Creme Egg History.

And the bands! The bands... How can I ever properly express my love for Arcane Malevolence? I can't. I'm so glad I made that leap and asked them to dinner. They are the nicest bunch of people (albeit clumsy) and through them I've met a ton of other people and bands and the good karma keeps on coming. Who knew progressive death metal brought about good karma? One of the wonders of the universe.

Since then I have had a bunch of bands allow me to use their music, from all over the country! Pink Missile, Girls On Bikes, PsychoMagnet and The Backwater Racket from CT, No Remission from NY, In It For Storms from AZ, Final Curse from NC and Revolution Pariah from OK. Plus, I've got a friggin' BACKLOG of bands who have allowed to use their music! Stay tuned for videos featuring Waking Elliot, Headstone Hawkins and They Fall To Pieces \m/ And I'm still waiting on music from Burn the Bodies, The Midnightmares and Suffrage who are all in various stages of production.

Let us not forget Sugarland and The Little Miss Project. I know, I know - "One of these things is not like the others." But if you want to see me at my emotional best watch this. With over 5,000 views it's my most popular video. And even though I may not be a blip on their radar I was thrilled to think that Jennifer and Kristian knew who I was, if only for a moment.

And the FOOD! OMG! Here I am rattling on and on about all these fabulous musicians and I'm neglecting to mention my own fabulosity! Jiminy Cricket I can cook! I've created a treasure trove of great meals, it's impossible to name just a few. Carnival Night, Fashion Night, Vegan Night - every night is one of my favorites in a way. It's always a great combination of food, friends and fun. Stop by the Dinner Party page and find yourself some inspiration.

I'll be posting my favorites all day on Facebook and Twitter \m/

Thank you so much for reading and watching for this past year! I'll only get bigger and better! Not too much bigger, I hope :)



Natalie said...

Woohooo!!! Congratulations, girl! It's amazing what one can accomplish in a year. Cheers to you, and cheers to us! I may have to crash one of your dinner parties one of these days... ;-) Besides the food, progressive metal is quite delicious... *licks lips*

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