Sunday, May 8, 2011 Garden Drama and Good News

Can you believe this was the state of my garden just 24 short hours ago?

Believe it or not my own idiocy led to a team of squirrels digging up almost all of the seedlings I had started in my garden, looking for their winter stores. And I thought it was cute when they were burying them! Clearly I was not thinking the squirrel food storage process through. He couldn't come for them in the winter, the dirt was frozen through. He's gotta get'm in the spring! OUCH! There goes my carrots and lettuce.

So today we took down the flimsy netting that was the only barrier to the wildlife and put up some heavy duty plastic mesh. Hooks and eyes, zip ties, hammers and staples, oh yeah. We were all over the porch improvement project. Take that, squirrels!

Now that they can't get in I put all the pots and such in some sort of order for the start of the growing season. My indoor greenhouse has about 8 pepper plants, a handful of tomatoes and some basil and catnip. So I'm planting those things in my mind where I want them and filling in the blanks with a bunch of plants I have yet to buy. I planted some wildflower seeds today, and some of the lettuce did survive the squirrels so all is not lost.

Good news after the jump \m/

The good news is we've got a new member of the family. They Fall to Pieces responded to my call on Local Band Network for music to feature in my food porn! Woo Hoo! They sent me two awesome tracks and have even promised a T-shirt. Does life get better than this?

Maybe it does. Stay tuned for more good news! \m/



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