Wednesday, May 11, 2011 School's Out Forever!

Actually that's not true, I have one more class on Friday. I've gotta hand in my nutrition project and then I'm done. But since I finished the project already, and it's at the printers, I'm taking a little liberty and declaring my culinary training complete.

It's complete!

Someone asked me what my title will be, now that I'm a culinary school graduate, but I still don't think I can call myself a chef.

Raw meat grosses me out too much for me to consider myself a chef.

My baking teacher thinks I should be a pastry chef at a restaurant.

We'll see about that...

Obviously I learned quite a bit. It wasn't as intense as I thought it would be, at times I found myself disappointed, but overall I'm glad I did it and I'm pleased with my "performance" to speak.

Funny I should choose that word.

At the end of every service we would go out as a class and line up to introduce ourselves. And as we were coming in someone would notice and cue the applause. A room full of people applauding us and the meal they'd just eaten.

And this always made me want to cry.

I've done things worthy of applause. I've performed for thousands of people. I've done half the lines in a full length show and won an award to boot! I've written plays that made people laugh and cry and laugh again within the span of 10 minutes. Those things are worthy of applause.

I just cooked some food.

Am I mourning the death of my acting career?

It seems so...

And if I'm not a chef either, what the hell am I?

I'm the Headbanging Hostess! Fuck yeah! \m/



Natalie said...

Fuck yeah!! Congrats!

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