Sunday, November 21, 2010 Backstage at City Limits Diner

As part of my culinary education I had a tour of the kitchen at City Limits Diner. It was massive, awesome, well-planned and CLEAN! OMG! I can still eat there!

My husband and I have been known to shove off the dessert menu at many-a-restaurant in order to hop in the car and get fruit tarts and banana cream pie at City Limits. Out of this world delicious.

They've got a huge operation going on back there. And it's going well, they're cooking 150 Thanksgiving dinners to go! That's 150 turkeys plus all the trimmings!

At some point in the tour Chef Michael asked if we all wanted to be chefs. I shook my head "no." I love cooking for my friends, but if I had to deal with customers who may not be so friendly? No, thank you.

Last week in our class function someone asked for her lamb well-done. So we took some of the lamb, all of which we had prepared rare, and proceeded to cook the hell out of it for her. No lie, the servers came back 4 times and told us the lady was mad and she wanted her lamb. I wanted to go out there and punch her. Well-done takes time, asshole!

This is why I will not be a chef. I shall cook at home and if you don't like it get the fuck out.

Not a good business model - but great for my personal happiness.

I'm making goose for my turkey day! Antibiotics aren't allowed in duck or goose in this country, so I can eat them without worry! And I'm planning on a bunch of sides. Plus we've been invited to "Fauxgiving" with the Arcane gang. So if I think my clothes are tight now I'd better invest in some mumus.

What are you planning for the holiday?



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