Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Planning My Baking Final

I've just returned from tanking a test. Last time I thought I tanked I got an 88. I'll be happy to end up in that ballpark this time. I'm not really sure how much each test is part of my grade, but I know I'm doing well in the kitchen, or shall I say the bakery.

Our final is practical and he's allowing us to decide what we do...somewhat. I wanted to make a Pumpkin Bacon Quick Bread, but he thought that was too easy for me so he told me I can make 4 different muffins with different presentations.


My first thought was to do the four seasons in muffins (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, not the hotel) but I quickly decided that wasn't exciting enough. And thinking about the presentation created all sorts of crazy creative thoughts in my head - different muffin sizes, plating, different flavors and finishes.


The menu is still in it's infancy, well maybe it's a toddler, but here's the idea.
A four course meal in muffins. To start, mini corn muffins with a slice of hot dog inside (you know it) skewered on a stick like a corndog. I'd like some sort of bacon streusel or something. Or I can wrap it in bacon and fry it. That might work.

After the appetizer comes the soup or salad course. I'm thinking some kind of savory muffin, maybe with zucchini and herbs. Something like that. I haven't nailed this one down yet, but I want it to be representative of either soup or salad. Because it's for the soup or salad course. Ain't I brilliant? Ha!

Next up for sure will be some chocolate olive oil deliciousness. I think this one I will bake in a loaf pan and serve a slice, maybe with some hot pepper oil. Of course chocolate is not a well known entree, at least not in public, but I think if I top it with some nice sea salt and the pepper oil it will look almost like a nice, square, extra well-done steak on your plate

To finish it off I'd like to make a vanilla muffin in a cake cone - like an ice cream cone. Wafer cones, cake cones, you know what I mean. And I can serve it with whipped cream :)

So does that sound good? I think it does, so far. I'll have to start practicing soon! My neighbors will be happy to eat my homework!

Bang on, my peeps!



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