Saturday, November 20, 2010 Pizza Night Was Fan-Friggin'-Tastic!

If you have not yet watched the Pizza Night video featuring music by Revolution Pariah take a moment to soak it all in.

The pizza that you see is Mexican in nature, in honor of Marc's going to live south of the border. But the best part of Pizza Night was the infinite variety! Someone brought a Thanksgiving feast to place on the pizza crust, someone brought fennel, pear and balsamic. I'd made sauce, salsa, bruschetta, bacon, pepperoni, chicken, mushrooms. I spent all day prepping toppings. But if you want to have a pizza party you can totally simplify! Have your guests bring toppings, buy pre-chopped veggies and meats. Pizza night is totally doable!

Don't want to make the dough? Buy the dough! Buy the ready made crusts! This is the perfect way to dabble in dinner parties. Stick your toe in and find you love it!

Marc and I made the dough the day before and I quickly developed a system for delivering the perfect crust. In a 500 degree oven I started each pie on a metal pizza tray (it has holes in it, probably helps get the hot air to the underside). After 8 minutes or so they were cooked enough to slide onto a hot pizza stone. That really crisped up the crust! Unbelievably tasty! Best pizza I've had in a long time - and I'm not just saying that because I made it.

Chicken and bacon was my favorite combination! Being allergic to non-organic chicken I've never had the pleasure of having it on a pizza. Outstanding! The chicken and mushroom was also tasty. They were all tasty, who am I kidding?

And the dessert pizza?!?! Cherry Butter, White Chocolate Cream Cheese and Almonds! To die for!

So, listen! Go for it! Throw your own Pizza Night! And send me the pictures!

Bang on, my peeps!



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