Wednesday, November 24, 2010 The Good News Keeps On Coming!

Funny story.

One of the kids I go to school with (probably in his early 20's, so, yes, a kid) said he had a friend in a band. So I gave him my card and tried to Google the band to make contact on my own. Problem was I had half of the name wrong. I had the Jacobi part right, but the Wichita changed to Topeka in my brain and when I went to the Google all I got was every Jew in Kansas!

But, despite all that, Jacobi Wichita has agreed to let me use their music in a video!


All you folks who say you don't like the metal music have to turn the volume back up for a bit to see if you like their sound. I really like their hip-hoppy, edge cutting groove and I am thrilled they've agreed to the dinner for music exchange program.

Check out their Facebook or their MySpace and cut a kick-ass rug while you prep for the holiday!

Bang on, my peeps!



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