Monday, November 22, 2010 Holy Shit! Thanksgiving Is This Week!

I'll admit it. I planned more for Pizza Night than I did for the upcoming national celebration of turkey.

And that's not a turkey you see in that photo. It's a goose. Turkeys, like chickens, are pumped up with all sorts of antibiotics that my body doesn't like me ingesting. My allergy, which developed in 1997, ruined the Thanksgiving holiday for me for many years. We usually went out to eat, and restaurants didn't offer organic turkey, so I usually have fish. Very nice, but without turkey it wasn't Thanksgiving.

I've managed to have turkey a few times since organic turkey has become available in my price range. Last year we went to to my husband's ex's and had organic turkey with her husband, child and mother. Oh, yeah. We're well adjusted like that. And the year before my husband cooked organic turkey. And the year before that was the awful year I was forced to eat green beans. Because even though we'd gone out for every Thanksgiving there was a sudden change of plans and we went to a friends house where I was left with no option but green beans or starvation. I think I had bread too.

So since then I've had to be pro-active in my holiday plans. And I feel bad causing the expense. Most people get their turkey free, but the only turkey I can eat costs 75 bucks!

My goose was also 75 bucks! But I look forward to a new tradition in my goose preparations - plus the usual mashed potatoes, turnips, stuffing and...wait for it...wait for beans.

Happy Thanksgiving, my peeps!



Miss K said...

I'm impressed that you and your husband are well-adjusted enough to have Thanksgiving at his ex's house! Good for you two!

Headbanging Hostess said...

Thank you! I took it as a good sign when I met my husband that he and his ex-wife were still good friends :)We like them more than our own families! LOL :)

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