Saturday, November 6, 2010 Operation YouTube Subscriptions

Yesterday I kicked off Operation YouTube Subscriptions. A clever name, considering the purpose is to increase my YouTube subscriptions.

I've been at this about seven months now - this whole blogging, vlogging, cooking up a storm thing. And it's obvious to me that my viewership is adversely affected by my lack of computer knowledge - the whole keyword thing and whatever else it is I don't yet fully understand. Because it can't possibly be my food - it's freakin' fantastic!

I've gotten metal musicians to eat their veggies. This is not an easy task.

I've introduced people to foods they've never eaten, dishes they've never heard of and desserts that people would actually die for.

And for some reason my YouTube subscriptions are barely in the double digits. Why?

Here's some twisted logic.

My most popular blog post is the one where I bashed the Norwalk Oyster Festival. So maybe it's time I got a little nasty about my fellow food vloggers.

There's one chick, and I won't say who she is. But she has THOUSANDS of followers. And maybe she's pretty and cute and ridiculously skinny for someone who's supposedly a cook and a lover of food but I honestly don't see the draw! What the hell is she doing to have all those viewers?

I actually don't know because I haven't watched. I attempted to watch one episode but I guess my negative emotions got the best of me and I turned it off before my heart exploded out of my chest and all over my laptop.

I'm fucking cute! And I play good music! And I'm funny! What-the-fuck-else could you want?

You know what? I'm proud of what I'm doing here. I'm very good at it. And maybe it'll take time, but I'm confident there are folks out there who will enjoy, appreciate and be inspired by what I'm doing. My food is love. And I've got the ass to prove it!

Bang on, my peeps!



Anonymous said...

V, it's all about the description and the picture. My suggestion, use your face book cleavage shot (not that I noticed) for the beginning frames of the vids and use words that draw people in the title like penis peppers, 3 ways, naked anything, vegetable sex, that sorta thing. That should help some. You already mentioned that most of your FB people are male. Men are like sexual innuendos. Hey, there's another one, don't forget sexual innuendo night. It wouldn't hurt to have a camera operator so we see more of you preparing the food and maybe turn the music down just a smidgen. Sometime it's difficult to hear you clearly. Hope this helps some.


Anonymous said...

Oh I see you did use sexual innuendo night. Damn, that didn't help? You're gonna have to start cooking in a bikini I guess.

Headbanging Hostess said...

Thank you, Chuck, for your suggestions! I know I have a few technical difficulties going on over here. I'll talk to my camera man (me) :)

I'm gonna have to pump up my charming assets ;)

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