Monday, June 7, 2010 Carnival Food Season Is Here!!!

Summer is when I consume an orchard of candy apples, my weight in kettle corn and indulge in some of those once a year culinary opportunities known as Carnivals.

Yesterday I had my souvlaki. I'm good until next year.

I've been going to my local Greek Festival since I was a kid. Which was a while ago. And every year I get the pork souvlaki with just tomatoes and I have never ever been let down. Better than most restaurants, these freakin' Greeks make their souvlaki spot-on, year after year. Perfectly seasoned pita bread wrapped around tender, charred pieces of pork and smothered with chopped tomatoes. Delicious.

I don't do raw onion. I know. I'll have to get over it in culinary school, but right now I'm eatin' for me. And I don't do raw onion.

And I may never change the way I order it. Something about the nostalgia. Biting into it takes me back to every other Greek Festival I've been to, in that very same spot. The tent's in the same spot, the car they raffle off, the old ladies selling homemade baklava - which was delicious this year! (Not so much last year. Making the consistently good souvlaki an even more impressive achievement.)

I've tried it at other fairs. Not good. Not even in a diner. That is the pork souvlaki my mouth knows and loves and I will never cheat.

Thankfully I have pizza fritta, steamers and The Big E to look forward to!

Bang on, my peeps!!!



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