Saturday, June 5, 2010 The Headbanging Hostess Has Arrived!

Today I received a Headbanging Hostess welcome at the Orange Strawberry Festival.

As we entered the park we tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid the people campaigning for public office.

“Are you a registered Republican?”

“No.” I answered with a smile, as we walked straight towards the food tent.

My friend Linda sings for the band “Where’s Jimmy?” – she sings great, by the way. Thank goodness. I’d hate to have to lie and say she was good when she wasn’t. But she rocked. She gets the “HH” stamp of approval.

Anyway. That’s how I got the introduction.

“The Headbanging Hostess has arrived! If you don’t know who she is check her out on YouTube.”

My husband and I were hysterical laughing.

No one else knew who I was.

But I happen to know my YouTube channel hasn’t had any views this week, so it’ll be interesting to see what (if anything) happens.

And, thanks to an old friend from high school, I have 120 fans on Facebook!

Crazy, right?

So, tonight I plan on finishing the left over cream cheese icing along with a quart of strawberries that I had to go the Whole Foods to buy. Can you believe they didn’t sell strawberries at a Strawberry Festival? I was forced to settle for Strawberry Shortcake! The nerve!

Actually the shortcake was really good. The elementary school cafeteria tasting cheeseburger was not.

Let’s hope this jam is good. It’s not everyday I hand money over to a person wearing a shirt that says “God is still talking,”

He can talk all he wants as long as the jam is good.

Bang on, my peeps!



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