Saturday, June 12, 2010 Road Trip!

Today The Headbanging Hostess finds herself in Scranton, PA.

Actually, I didn't find myself here, we drove. To see a concert. Yup, you heard me (or read me) right. A concert. But not just any concert - a Sugarland concert.

Yes. The Headbanging Hostess is also a country music girl on occasion. And I love me some Sugarland. Jennifer Nettles can sing the shit out of anything. Her music moves me like no other. Her lyrics can reduce me to tears in a fraction of a second. The fact that she is able to sing them without bursting into tears is what's most impressive to me. I've never gotten through "Happy Ending" without my voice cracking with emotion - and I'm just singing in the shower!

And for all the dreamers who have come and gone
Who have reached for the stars who have overcome
You're the hope, you're the wish, you're the truth
Baby here's the proof
Baby's born in the ghetto
Baby's born with a silver spoon
One tells his mama, "I'll have a dream."
One tells his mama, "I'll walk the moon."

-Excerpt from"Happy Ending" by Sugarland

But this isn't about music, it's about food.

One Facebook Status update and the majority vote sent us to Chick's Diner for some kick-ass Scranton cooking.

Now, I'm not really a diner gal. Part of the problem is my allergies. No eggs for me! No chicken, no turkey. Pretty much cuts the menu in half. And most of the food is heavy, greasy...I always have problems ordering food at a diner. But a quick scan of the menu at Chick's and I was ready to have Strawberry Shortcake for lunch.

My husband ordered the Patti Melt Burger with Swiss Cheese and Grilled Onions. Even tough it came with fries we ordered Fries with Gravy - which I incorrectly assumed would have beef gravy. You think I'd know by now to ask these questions. But I don't. I'll have to talk to my therapist about that.

The burger was delicious. Well, the first bite was. After that it quickly became heavy and greasy - a fact that didn't bother my husband at all because he was able to finish it. I snacked on some gravy-free fries as I waited for my shortcake.

Big mistake. Because when it came I couldn't finish it.

This was my second Strawberry Shortcake in a week. Now I know what Linda meant when she said the biscuit wasn't that great in the Strawberry Festival shortcake. This biscuit was denser, drier. I might guess it had cornmeal in it but my guess might also be wrong. I liked it. But I wouldn't say it's better than last week's, just different. And I happen to be a fan of different.

I will say they had a little too much sugar in the strawberries. The only "sweetener" in this weeks fruit salad was one spoon of strawberry jam - other than a little fresh squeezed OJ and lemon. Fruit doesn't need a lot of sugar people. It's already sweet, it's fruit!

As I rest up for the concert my mind continues to refine next weeks menu. Prepare yourselves for some "Twisted Comfort."

Stay Tuned!

Bang on, my peeps!



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